About My Work

My name is Dimitris Kampolis, I am a filmmaker and musician. Being in love with these two arts makes me happy the fact that i have managed to combine them in my work. I find the smoothness between the movie frame and the bpm of music. I specialize in wedding videos I am excited by the idea that events only happen once, I capture them based on my own point of view, creating videos with unique moments of the couples I work with. It is important to me as the result of my creation will accompany them throughout their lives. I have also worked with major companies to make promotional videos, which have also been published on television. Due to my specialty as a musician I am able to understand the needs of an artist, so I create video clips, another field in which I specialize. I will be happy to meet new people to collaborate to exchange ideas. I personally and RecPlay Pictures are close to you to create together the projects you dream of …Videos – stopmotions – photoshooting – aerial videos or even music.

Thank you.

Dimitris Kampolis.


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